Brawn keen for a change in F1 mindset

Ross Brawn is keen to see a change in mindset within F1. Brawn who is head of Motorsport at Liberty Media, expressed these thoughts as F1 transitions into its European phase.

IT is not coincidence then that Brawn's ideas come ahead of Barcelona, which is set to be the first race weekend to see changes in how F1 interacts with fans.

Speaking to Autosport, Brawn suggested that F1 should look to America and NASCAR for one change in approach – open car inspections.

F1 teams are notably cagey about allowing other te

ams time to look over their machine and for good reason considering the amount of money spent in developing championship winning machines.

Brawn comments on the possibility of an open inspection: "In NASCAR, you can go and look at someone else's car - strip it apart and see what's in it,"

If F1 were to adopt NASCAR approach then rival engineers would be able to see their competitor’s cars stripped during technical inspections.

Having open inspections would perhaps prevent large periods of domination by one team whilst keeping any rule breaking in check.

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