Formula E considers keeping pitstops after next season

Formula E has been a unique racing series since the start not only because it is all electric, but because drivers use pitstops to change into a new car and not wheels.

Come next season and this will be a thing of the past as the series battery developers McLaren Applied Technologies deceiver a battery capable of going the entire race distance.

The new batteries will be capable of storing 54kWh and not overheating.With this advancement in battery technology, it effectively makes the pitstop redundant.

Formula E’s Sporting Working Group (SWG) is however in discussion to keep this recognisable and unpredictable element alive. With two team representatives, Andretti co-team principal Roger Griffiths and senior team manager of e.dams Jean-Paul Driot, sitting on the group, there are many ideas to be discussed later this month.

One unlikely option would be the conventional use of pitstops which is to change tyres. Speaking with Autosport Griffiths comments:

"It just means bringing extra equipment, extra wheels and there would be no real message as to why we are doing that.”

As a racing focused on the environment and sustainability, the waste generated by wasting tyres would not align with the sports message.

Alternatives strategic pitstop formats to be discussed would see drivers call into the pit-lane for a energy boost that would see their cars increase in speed.

It is understood that in addition to the discussion on pitstops working group will also talk over plans to extend the race over two days, but it is unclear what the potential new format will be.

The Formula Monaco ePrix will take place this weeknd

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