Hamilton and Vettel time to battle

Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix and drew level with Sebastian Vettel in the race to be world champion.

Granted the race has only just started, but with two different drivers winning the first two races already we have a shift in the right direction.

Fans of F1 are really fans of the competition more so than of a particular team. Strange statement you might say, but let's think for a second back to the days when Ferrari dominated or even Red Bull.

In those times if you were a Ferrari or Red Bull fan you were spoilt with winning, it was nothing new when Michael Schumacher or Sebastian crossed the line first. No point in guessing or assuming,

So here we are at the start of 2017 and suddenly it's ok to bet and a little fun to assume.

In Australia Hamilton did what he does best, he secured pole and then got off the line cleanly, but he did not win and everyone cheered. Not because they were more fans of Vettel than Hamilton, but because Vettel beat Hamilton fairly, Hamilton did not just pull away and Ferrari have the pace.

Everyone seemed pretty surprised by Hamilton who was ready to tell the media that he does not bluff or play poker.

So noted. 2017 is a season that is open to two teams with the opportunity for Red Bull to once again develop through the season and make it a three horse race.

As interesting as the awkward relationship between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg was in 2016, Its more interesting to see it get touchy between Hamilton and Vettel. The post race cool of room is a little less frosty now and its interesting to see the drivers chatter about what the other did all the while knowing that it won't last.

Hamilton and Vettel are two born racers, who have mentally battled with their team-mates and come out on top. It only makes me wonder how as the season develops and the finish line gets closer these to champions will get along.

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